The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Pool Heating

Solar power is gaining ground around the world as homeowners and commercial building owners begin to realise the benefits of converting to Solar energy from electricity generated by fossil fuels.Although the use of solar energy in commercial and home applications has been around for several decades adoption rates have been slow to take off until recently. Limited knowledge about the system, costs and maintenance involved and the inability to find an experienced and reliable manufacturer/seller have all contributedto poor conversion rates.

The situation today is quite different, with multiple manufacturers/sellers entering the market and enough literature about the pros and cons of solar-powered energy available for potential users.While solar power can be used in several residential and commercial applications its use for pool heating is becoming popular, especially among homeowners. Heating a pool can be an expensive task if using grid electricity thereby making it prohibitive to many. Using solar energy,however, is an excellent way to do this without the burden of a hefty electricity bill at month-end. If you too want to continue to use your pool during those cold months, have a chat with solar pool heating sunshine coast to understand if pool heating is something that will work for you.

While using grid electricity to heat a pool would be perceived as extravagant, using solar energy to do the same would be considered prudent and environmentally friendly.The adoption of solar energy can add to an establishment’s perceived brand value and cool quotient.

By and large, the advantages and disadvantages of choosing solar power to heat your pool are similar to the predominant pros and cons of converting to solar energy from fossil energy, but there are a couple of considerations specific to pool heating.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that it takes several days to adequately heat the pool after initial installation. Using grid electricity has its advantage here, however, the downside to this quick and powerful surge of heating is a heavy bill at the end of the month, one you won’t need to worry about with a solar power system.You wouldn’t need to worry about the delay as a drawback if you apply a bit of planning and patience.

The advantage is however that apart from the initial heating time right after installation, a solar-powered pool heater is always on, so your pool is constantly warm throughout the season. Other heating systems can take hours or days to heat the pool once switched on, making solar power an attractive proposition.

Because solar power operates on the strength of the sun’sheat to generate enough electricity to heat the pool, the system works less efficiently during rainy, overcast days and evenings when the sun doesn’t shine, directly impacting the capacity to heat the pool. To overcome this issue companies, recommend the installation of thermodynamic panels that can be installed to provide adequate energy during the winter months, overcast days or nights.

Most Common Washing Machine Issues

Because most individuals need to launder their clothing and linens on a regular basis, laundry machines are among the most commonly used household appliances. It’s for this reason because when they start breaking down, it’s extremely inconvenient for most individuals, as they don’t have a simple alternative for cleaning their garments.

We’ll go over the some of the most frequent washing machine issues and how to remedy them in this post.

The Washing Machine Begins to Move

It’s acceptable for your machine to shake and move somewhat throughout a wash cycle, but if it begins to rattle around noisily or vibrates a lot, it’s a sign of a problem with it and it needs to be fixed.

When the machine isn’t flat on the floor, a most common reason of this problem is. You can use a bubble balance to see if your washer is level, and if it isn’t, readjust the legs to make it so. If it isn’t the issue, defective frame rods are the next most likely cause. They can get dislodged from time to time, causing your washing machine to move about a lot. 

The washing machine makes a lot of noise.

The second common issue is when the washer begins to make loud sounds while in use. The majority of the time, anything in your washer, such as a penny or other dirt bouncing about, causes this. To prevent this from occurring, simply remove the object from the machine.

It can also be triggered by a defective internal part, such as with the motor, which requires the assistance of a competent expert to repair. If you are looking for the best washing machine repairs in Adelaide check online.

The Clothes Are Ripped

If your garments or linens come out with rips or tears, it’s a sign that anything is amiss with your washing machine. Another issue that is frequently caused by anything and shouldn’t be in your washer, such as a fragment of sharp plastic. Your garments being hooked around the middle pole can also trigger it, so make sure your linens and garments are properly positioned in the washer.

Drainage Issues

If your machine isn’t emptying properly, it’s most likely due to a clog in the draining system. The filtration is perhaps the most probable part to be impacted, as filters frequently become blocked with debris. All you have to do now is check for obstructions in the filter and, if any are found, unclog it. It’s a good option to clean the filter on a regular basis to prevent this from happening again.

The water in the machine isn’t filling up.

If your washer isn’t going to fill up with just enough water or isn’t clogging up at all, the first place to look is the fluid hoses, which can become clogged or kinked over time.

To do so, just identify the hoses and inspect them for obstructions or kinks; if any are discovered, repair the line so that water can easily run through it. Check sure water is flowing through the faucets; if it isn’t, your water may have been cut off at the mainline, or you may be having a power outage.

Questions to ask the considered website hosting company

All businesses in the 2020s need a website; it’s a mandatory need in a world where access to the internet has become as normal as breathing. However, while you shouldn’t ever host a website on your own due to several downsides, and never a business site, not all companies in Australia provide comprehensive services.

Although they might be doing the best from their perspective with the limited resources, you should be keen enough to choose the company that caters to your needs. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is running the race and being in the front.

Here are the top questions to ask your considered hosting company.

I’m indecisive between shared and dedicated hosting; how should I pick one?

The easiest way to understand the difference between shared and dedicated hosting is by an example. While the dedicated hosting is similar to an electrical outlet with a specific plug type that is only seen in your device, shared hosting is similar to an extension cord; resources are shared. But Most of the time, dedicated hosting is either too expensive, or unnecessary unless you’re running a rather larger company, dedicated hosting can still be risky. This is where virtual private server or vps managed hosting acts as the middle ground, the benefits of dedicated hosting at the price of shared hosting.

What sort of TLDs do you offer?

Although the .com is what people commonly know, there are several other TLDs that can be used for the added benefit of your web address. For example, if the website is for a store, you can use the .store TLD. Location-based TLDs are extremely effective for large-scale companies that require better management of the clients based on the region by using TLDs such as .melbourne and even .sydney.  If you’re looking for more of a blog, obtaining the .online or .biz just might do the trick.

Where are your servers located?

If Pentagon was said to be hacked, it draws a clearer picture of the degree of threats that we all need be aware of. In such a background, relying on cloud-based storage or remotely located servers can only increase these risks. If your service provider has enough resources to join the international traffic traveling from locally located servers, it gives you an added reassurance that is worth the money. You also need to consider the higher vCPU allowance required according to the nature of your website.

Are your services fully managed?

There are two types of virtual private servers: the managed and the unmanaged. The main difference between the two is self-explained. In unmanaged servers, all that the hosting company does is the installation. Once that is done, it is the client’s responsibility to take care of security patches, software updates, and even backing up measures. Unless you’re proficient in handling such matters, it is always wise to go for managed servers where the hosting company ensures that you only have to focus on your business.

The Basics of Search Engine Marketing: Terminology, Targeting, and Tactics

SEM keywords are the terms and phrases that you use in your search engine marketing campaigns to attract visitors to your website. When consumers search for such terms, your adverts appear in front of them. When a person searches for “virtual aid,” for example, your ad may appear if your campaign is targeting the keyword “virtual aid.”

When you create a search engine marketing campaign, you select the terms that you want to target and/or avoid. When it comes to SEM advertising, there are four different sorts of keywords you may employ in addition to ppc management Brisbane.

Keywords with broad match are those that target variants of a phrase. This includes comparable phrases, single and plural versions, misspellings, stemming, and synonyms of the target term, amongst other things. For example, if a campaign is targeting the wide match term virtual aid, it may also include the keywords virtual aids, online aid, and virtual team in its targeting.

Phrase match keywords are those that target the precise phrase as well as any phrases that contain terms that are either before or after the targeted keyword. Consider the phrase match keyword virtual aid as an example. A campaign may additionally target the phrases finest virtual aid, locate a virtual aid, and hire a virtual aid in addition to the phrase match keyword.

Exact match keywords are terms that are extremely closely linked to the target term and are targeted by search engines. Included are misspellings, single and plural forms, stemming, abbreviations, reordered words, paraphrases, and terms that are closely similar to the exact match term and have the same search intent as the exact match keyword. For example, when a campaign is targeting the exact match term virtual aid, it may also target the keywords virtual aids and virtual help in addition to virtual aid.

Negative keywords are terms that you don’t want to be associated with your website. Negative keywords are variants of wide match, phrase match, and exact match keywords that you don’t want to utilize in your campaign and are thus designated as negative keywords. These terms may be semantically similar to your keywords, but they may have nothing to do with the search intent of the target term, your campaign, or your advertisement content.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Targeting

When you target keywords, you are telling a search platform when to display your advertisements. SEM (search engine marketing) targeting takes it a step further. Additional restrictions for when and who your ad should be displayed can be established through the use of targeted advertising.

  • Location targeting restricts the display of advertisements to those who live inside a specific ZIP code or geographic location.
  • The use of ad schedule targeting restricts the appearance of advertisements to particular hours of the day or on specific days of the week.
  • Demographic targeting restricts the display of advertisements to persons who fall into specific demographic groups, such as those of a certain age or gender.
  • Device targeting restricts the display of advertisements to consumers who are using certain devices such as mobile phones, desktop computers, or tablets.
What to Know About SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the science of getting certain webpages to rank higher in search engines enabling more visibility to the business. Nowadays, people increasingly use search engines to look for everything. Therefore, the higher you appear in the web search, the more popular your brand becomes.

In many of the search engines such as Google, you will be able to see paid ads on the top and then the regular results will be listed. These regular results that come up are called organic search results and traffic generated through these links from SEO is called organic search traffic. SEO is key to online marketing as it is the main way people search the web. If your company website is the first result that is shown when somebody searches the web for a query, you will receive the majority of traffic. The links that are listed below you will get increasingly less traffic. It is a bit of a competition and manipulating it to have your site links on top can be done through SEO. By teaming up with SEO experts Australia you can ensure that your ratings stay up.

The way that search engines decide which pages to show for a query is through the use of an algorithm. Some of the main ways that search engines determine the ranking of a site is through links, page structure and content. Links from other websites to yours is seen as a positive as more often than not, pages tend to link sites that are of high quality. The content of a webpage also gets examined to make sure that it fits the search query. SEO can help to create content that will target the keywords that people search for. Webpages are written in HTML and the way the code is structured has an effect on how the search engine evaluates the page. SEO enhances all these aspects to ensure a higher ranking on the search list.

SEO uses many techniques to improve the rankings of a webpage such as content marketing, keyword research, on page optimisation, link building etc. When it comes to keyword research, the SEO will look at the keywords that are already ranking in the site as well as what is ranking in the competition.  SEO experts will see if there are other keywords that users search for that can be included in the existing content. Link building can be achieved through the promotion of valuable content and building relationships with other websites in order to achieve more links from external sites. This will improve the credibility of your page.

There are also different tools that aid SEO such as the Google Search Console which is a free tool that can give you statistics on the ranking and traffic reports for keywords that are ranking high. Other tools include SEO platforms, Google Ads Keyword Planner and social media. Once you get the attention of the users, you need to increase the number of paying customers in order to expand your business. The SEO experts can implement certain strategies to grab the customers’ attention and convert it to profit.

Get Ahead of Your Competition by Using Unique SEO Strategies

Being a business owner in Sydney probably means that you are competitive by nature or, perhaps you are somebody that simply likes to provide a service to people, something unique whereby you can add real value to your customers’ lives. Whichever category you fit into, if you want to grow your business, then you will need to be doing something a little different than your competitors in order to be attractive to potential customers, sometimes that just means doing something that they are not.

What are you doing to market your business?

There are many a business who still rely on things like flyers, posters, adverts in the local papers and things like billboards, although, they are slowly fading into the distance because their customers are being attracted elsewhere. That isn’t to say that physical forms of advertising aren’t important, they really are and if you don’t advertise using any of these methods then you should, however, the majority of your marketing budget, time and resources should be directed to digital marketing.

Think of the possibilities

It is strongly suggested that, if you are a business owner or manager that you familiarize yourself with the numbers when it comes to online activity, if you don’t have the time then speak with an SEO agency in Sydney, they will help to paint the picture for you. Users and shoppers are the key things to look for. You will see that the majority of the world is online at some point during the day, some a few times and a large number are constantly online as they work, we are talking over 4.5 billion people.

Now look at people who shop online and you’ll find that there are over 2 billion online shoppers spending money each year, a number that is increasing faster year upon year. You are looking at around 2.5 billion people that could be converted into purchasers and over 2 million that are already waiting to be sold to, if that doesn’t whet your appetite then not much will.

Do something different

The most successful of online traders have become successful because they have used an agency who specialise in the field of digital marketing, each of them will be different to the other, just your business is to your competitors. This means that whoever you choose will have a uniqueness, something different that they can offer to help grow your business. What you really want to be looking for is an agency with a proven track record of driving traffic to websites using SEO, on-page and off-page advertising, blogs, backlinks and most importantly, the ability to convert visitors to your website into customers.


As social networks continue to try to outdo each other with new features, one of the most popular additions has been that of live video.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are increasingly putting the focus on video content, with reports that Facebook could be video-only by 2020.

It’s understandable that video could become the de-facto method of content consumption due to the simple buy-in for the audience.

A video is visual, quick, snappy. Words require more thought and more investment by the reader (which is why I’m eternally grateful to the readers of this blog and your choice of consumption method).

The success of Facebook Live is a testament to how social network users are adopting video, not just as consumers but as users too.

Yet, as the last 12 months have shown, the instant production and gratification that video offers could also be its downfall.

Facebook Live and the Dangers of Unfiltered

Over the Easter period, Cleveland Police began a manhunt after a video of a murder was uploaded to Facebook.

Steve Stevens shot Robert Godwin, 74, and shared the video of the killing to his Facebook profile (initial reports suggested the murder was streamed via Facebook Live, but this was later corrected).

The video remained on Facebook for at least two hours.

After almost 48 hours on the run, Stevens killed himself when his car was cornered by law enforcement.

Just a few days ago new broke of a Thai father who hanged his 11-month-old baby on Facebook Live before killing himself.

The video was shared on his profile, and according to reports remained online for 24 hours (Facebook has yet to confirm the details of the time).

In March of this year, the rape of a teenage girl by six assailants was filmed and streamed live on Facebook. In January of this year, a special needs man was beaten and tortured by four assailants, and his assault was also streamed on Facebook Live.

Also in January, the gang rape of a woman in Sweden was also streamed via Facebook Live.

These are just some examples amid the growing number of crimes and assaults streamed on Facebook Live and its peers like Periscope and others.

There seems to be little way to combat it, either. As the examples with Steve Stevens and the Thai father show, disturbing content can remain on the site for as much as 24 hours.

While its content team does monitor the site for inappropriate content (and live streams can be pulled immediately), Facebook essentially relies on the public to report such content for its team to review.

Unfortunately, while the review is pending, the videos are live on the site in full view of victims of a crime, or surviving family members of a murder.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has himself admitted it’s a huge problem and one that’s almost impossible to manage given the amount of content uploaded to Facebook every day.

Given the difficulty of managing the medium, and the damage that can be caused because of that difficulty, is it time to consider how Facebook Live and others like it is approved?

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Facebook Live?

The biggest problem with trying to manage live streaming videos is that they’re used in so many ways that are good, and educational, and – in some cases – can provide vital evidence to a court of law.

Consider the killing of African American Philando Castile by a police officer in St. Paul, Minnesota, in the summer of last year.

Despite calmly obeying the officer’s instructions, and advising that he was in legal possession of a concealed weapon, Castile was killed when the officer opened fire.

Inside the car were Castile’s girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter. As Castile lay dying in the driver’s seat, his girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath, and that helped convict the office in question on manslaughter. That trial is still undergoing today.

Indeed, Facebook Live has been used to broadcast demonstrations against police brutality, government dictatorships, and even examples of corporations treating their customers with disdain.

Then you have the fun aspects of Facebook Live, with vacation moments captured in time. Heck, we even use it for The Friendship Bench launch events.

But do the “normal uses” outweigh the depraved and harmful ones? Do we need to look at how users can access Facebook Live, and should there be some form of delayed broadcast for checks to be made?

I posted a quick poll on Twitter, asking if it was maybe time to only allow news organizations and accredited sources access to Facebook Live, and the opinion was split down the middle.

3 Studies of Google’s Featured Snippets You Should Read

Googles featured snippets are the new Google authorship, albeit less exciting because featured snippets steal links from publishers in SERPs.

Whether you like them or not, that’s the change we have to deal with because if you are not featured, your competitor will.

Here are three recent studies of Google’s Featured snippets you need to be aware of:

1. Ahrefs Study of Featured Snippets

Read the full study hereAhrefs

Ahrefs have examines 112 million keywords in their US database, almost around 14 million of which had featured snippets in their SERP. In other words, about 12.29% of search queries have featured snippets in their search results

They have found that, surprisingly, featured snippets have lower click-through-rate than the top result (where there’s no featured snippet) but they do steal clicks from the top result:

Key takeaways:

  • All pages which are featured already rank in top 10 for that query, however…
  • Google doesn’t seem to be featuring “the strongest” page in the top10 (in terms of backlinks). Instead, they tend to pick the page that answers the question best
  • If Google likes a page, it would feature it in LOTS of snippets: The top-performing page in the database owns 4,658 featured snippets with Wikipedia being the absolute leader in the amount of featured snippets it owns.
  • The top 30 most frequently met words among the search queries that trigger featured snippets

2. A.J. Ghergich’s Study of Featured Snippets @Moz

Read the full study hereMoz by A.J. Ghergich

Ghergich & Co. teamed up with SEMrush to conduct an in-depth study on featured snippets. SEMrush generously compiled and shared 1,400,000 featured snippets from their database for us to analyze.

The optimal length of a featured snippet paragraph is about 40 to 50 words(~around 300 characters).

What it means is that, for higher chances to get featured, aim at answering teh question within 40-50 words.

There’s no need to limit your lists or tables though:

The average number of items in a list was four, but that number is not what we should focus on. Instead, focus on the maximum number of items in the list. This prompts Google to display the “More Items…” text, which can lead to better engagement.


Same with tables: For longer tables Google will invite the user to click to see more items in a table.

Moreover, tables give you huge competitive advantage because Google loves them but not too many publishers use them. So create more comparison tables!

3. Getstat Study of Featured Snippets

Read the full study hereGetstat

Featured snippet study: Getstat

Between January 16 and January 17, 2016, Getstat gathered the top 100 ranking URLs for one million high-CPC keywords.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Featured snippets are common on commercial SERPs
  • Featured snippets and “People also ask” appear to be connected
  • Featured snippet URLs in our study are less likely to utilize
  • Financial queries generate more featured snippets
  • Featured snippet URLs often feature <ol> and <table> (<ul> lists still work but they are not as popular)
  • Featured snippets never overlap with three-pack places results
How to Minimize Stress in Employees

While some pressure may prove to be conducive to better performance, an excess of stress can do real harm. A stressful work environment can cause employees to have physical, mental, and even emotional consequences. As an employer, you have the ability to control some of the tension experienced by your workers. This will lead them to enjoying their daily work life a great deal more. In turn, you will have employees that are more focused and who are capable of producing better results. Here is how you can take away some of that pressure:


If you are running a company that requires employees to be seated at their desks all day, then the trigger may not be obvious. Though it may seem incredible, the desks and chair that you provide your workers with, may be the cause of some of their stress. They, themselves, may be unaware of this fact. They may only notice certain aches, pains, or discomfort. This will have a snowball effect and result in stress in the workplace. This is why when you get office furniture Melbourne, you should choose pieces that are ergonomic. Make sure that they are appropriate for individuals who are spending hours seated, typing away at their computers. Changing the furniture, will often immediately relieve any pressure that your employees are experiencing.

Break Time

When racing to meet a deadline, one thing that employers and employees forget to do is to take necessary breaks. This, however, should be something that is not ignored. Workers require this time off to relax, repower, and to gather their thoughts. More often than not, these intervals actually contribute to more work being done. It is important to insist that your workers get a solid twenty minutes to half an hour each day. They can use this time to eat, chat among themselves, or even take a nap. If you feel as though that this is a waste of time, remember that tired workers make more mistakes. They are also less likely to concentrate and definitely will not be as creative.

Exhibit Healthy Behavior

Some employers do not realize that they are responsible for their worker’s stress. Take a moment to look at your own schedule. Are you one of the first people to arrive and among the last to leave? Do you not move from your desk unless absolutely necessary? Do you refrain from engaging with your employees unless it is about work? If these are things that you do, you may be setting a bad example. Employees often follow the behavior modeled by their boss. This means that they will be too afraid to leave before you or even to leave their desk to eat. It is important to not expect strict behavior from employees. It cannot be maintained on a regular basis and will do more harm than good.

These are just a few of the ways that you can reduce stress in the workplace. Make the necessary changes and observe how your employees react.