What to Know About SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the science of getting certain webpages to rank higher in search engines enabling more visibility to the business. Nowadays, people increasingly use search engines to look for everything. Therefore, the higher you appear in the web search, the more popular your brand becomes.

In many of the search engines such as Google, you will be able to see paid ads on the top and then the regular results will be listed. These regular results that come up are called organic search results and traffic generated through these links from SEO is called organic search traffic. SEO is key to online marketing as it is the main way people search the web. If your company website is the first result that is shown when somebody searches the web for a query, you will receive the majority of traffic. The links that are listed below you will get increasingly less traffic. It is a bit of a competition and manipulating it to have your site links on top can be done through SEO. By teaming up with SEO experts Australia you can ensure that your ratings stay up.

The way that search engines decide which pages to show for a query is through the use of an algorithm. Some of the main ways that search engines determine the ranking of a site is through links, page structure and content. Links from other websites to yours is seen as a positive as more often than not, pages tend to link sites that are of high quality. The content of a webpage also gets examined to make sure that it fits the search query. SEO can help to create content that will target the keywords that people search for. Webpages are written in HTML and the way the code is structured has an effect on how the search engine evaluates the page. SEO enhances all these aspects to ensure a higher ranking on the search list.

SEO uses many techniques to improve the rankings of a webpage such as content marketing, keyword research, on page optimisation, link building etc. When it comes to keyword research, the SEO will look at the keywords that are already ranking in the site as well as what is ranking in the competition.  SEO experts will see if there are other keywords that users search for that can be included in the existing content. Link building can be achieved through the promotion of valuable content and building relationships with other websites in order to achieve more links from external sites. This will improve the credibility of your page.

There are also different tools that aid SEO such as the Google Search Console which is a free tool that can give you statistics on the ranking and traffic reports for keywords that are ranking high. Other tools include SEO platforms, Google Ads Keyword Planner and social media. Once you get the attention of the users, you need to increase the number of paying customers in order to expand your business. The SEO experts can implement certain strategies to grab the customers’ attention and convert it to profit.